Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the pictures?

A:  If you sent us your selection, they were delivered to the Parish Center.


Q: My pictures were not there?

A: Double check to make certain you sent us your selection.  You would have received an email from us letting you know we received your selection.  If you did not receive one, we did not receive your request.

      Make certain your order was received before the deadline of November 14.

      Simply resend and we will print them with the Winter sessions.  No problem.


Q: There seems to be more prints than I ordered?

A: I typically run test prints.  If the prints are "passable" I include them rather than throwing them out.


Q: Can I order more?

A: Yes.  Simply go back to the gallery and order just as you did before.  Prices are the same.  Prints will be done with the Winter orders






Q: I never made a selection.  Can I still?

A: Yes.  All the galleries are still posted.  We will keep them up for another week or so.  Simply make the selection now and they will be processed with the Winter pictures.  No problem.


Q: Will there be another photo session?

A: Yes.  We will be doing another block of sessions starting January 4 .  Sign up outside the church today!


Q: How will I receive my prints and book?

A: All prints will be delivered about a week after each block of photography.  Like helping hands, your prints will be available in the church lobby after mass.  The book will be delivered in the same manner, upon its completion [probably Feb/March].


Q: ZipLock bags?

A: Yes!  Over the years, I have found these the safest manner to deliver volume prints.  They are air/water tight and prevent people from "peaking" to see how they look before you get them.


Q: I missed the pickup dates and did not pick up my prints?

A: You will be contacted by a committee member to arrange delivery.  The prints are safe.