Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I still get my free 8x10?

A:  Unfortunately, the 3 printings of the 8x10s are now complete.  The complimentary 8x10 has ended.  However, we will be happy to include a complimentary 8x10 for any order that accompanies your selection.


Q: How will we receive our prints?

A: All orders, from this point, will be shipped directly to your home.


Q: When will the directory be completed?

A: We are shooting for a Spring delivery.  A lot depends on the remaining parishioners to make their selections.


Q: How will the directory be delivered?

A: The directory will be handed out at church.






Q: What happens if I do not make a selection?

A: We will make a selection for any family who has not made theirs.


Q: I am uncomfortable using a credit card online.  Can I pay in cash/check?

A: Yes.  Print the order form from your computer.  Make your selections. Place the order form and payment in an envelope marked “DIRECTORY ORDER.”  You can place this in the collection basket at mass.  Make checks payable to LEHIGH VALLEY PHOTO.


Q: I would like to make an anonymous sponsorship for a family in need.  How?

A: Tell the photographer at the time of your pictures.  He will  set up the sponsorship and have a voucher made up.


Q: Can I choose any image for the Directory?

A: No.  Your directory image must be vertical.  I try to take many images for you to consider.  Some for personal use, others for the directory.


Q: I have another question.  What do I do?

A: Drop us an email.  That is the fastest way to get answers.