This year’s pictures will be done on a dark background with blue highlights.  It is a classic painted background which works well with many color schemes.


Choosing what to wear at your family photo session is a very personal thing.  Contrary to what you may hear, there is no “right” answer.  But, there are several things, when viewed by most, are considered “nicer” than others.


-  Solid colors or simple patterns are preferred over heavily patterned material

-  Natural materials tend to look better under studio lights

-  Color coordinating the family’s selection is paramount.  Though exact matches work very well, so do basic themes; same goes for material

-  Long sleeves tend to look better on adult males—Females photograph well with long or short

-  Manicures are a definite consideration

-  If haircuts are scheduled- it’s best to have them done a couple of days before

-  Avoid haircuts which come down too far on the forehead

-  Jewelry always adds some sparkle


The clothing chosen, by the family, will be the first thing people notice in your photograph.  It really is that big of a deal.


What to wear?